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Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal Therapy Img 1Just checking off boxes…

That’s how most days feel.

Your job feels like a waste of your time and energy.

You’re apathetic about relationships and things that once brought you joy.

And the spiritual practices and beliefs you know are important for your healing…

You haven’t found a place to make sense of them and integrate them into your life.

Blank stares…

Is that what you get (or imagine you’d get) if you shared your spiritual beliefs, practices, or experiences with others?

You might even wonder whether a therapist would understand or appreciate your perspective enough to help you on your journey.

It’s natural to shy away from potential judgment or confusion from others…

But here, all parts of you are welcome!

Transpersonal Therapy Img 2I see these as important parts of you.

They are part of how you see yourself, the world, and your place in it. They hold coping skills, insights, meaning-making, and community.

I can help you explore your relationship to spirituality and the unknown.

Spiritual experiences can be overwhelming or confusing. There’s much value to be harvested from them, but you need a supportive, knowledgeable guide.

We can directly integrate your spiritual practices or beliefs into the fabric of our therapeutic work together with practices like mindfulness meditation.

Your spirituality shapes how you understand your place in the world – how you approach growth, transformation, and meaning.

These should be a part of our conversations – not something you have to leave at the door.

Let’s find purpose on your path.

There’s wisdom to be gleaned from your spiritual experiences and insights.

Once you strengthen and connect to that wisdom, you’ll grow and transcend your limitations!

Don’t put this off another day!

I can’t wait to meet you and get started. Call today for your free consultation: (510) 995-6358.