Depth Psychotherapy

2142509679Keep putting your foot in your mouth?

“What came over me?” you wonder. “I don’t like who I was in that moment.”

Relational experiences, traumas, or early childhood experiences like lack of emotional attunement…

They’ve crystallized your experience into unhealthy relationship patterns and self-limiting beliefs.

Strong emotions come over you…

They’re overwhelming, especially in certain situations and with certain people.

Anger, fear, envy, or pity can completely overtake a social interaction. These emotions surge forward, and they’re beyond your control or understanding.

That’s because their roots run deep into past experiences that shaped your sense of yourself and the world.

1834579801Your unconscious speaks through images.

Together, we can be curious about those images. We have many tools available to foster a dialogue with your unconscious. We can examine the symbolism of your dreams, work with your imagination, and explore your inner self through the arts.

We can dialogue with your inner parts through role-play or imagination. We can unpack the symbolism and connect it to your perspectives, experiences, relationships, and blind spots.

These insights can reveal your inner needs and areas for growth!

Let’s dialogue with your personal mythology.

Let’s access your whole being to find and reclaim the parts of yourself that have been forgotten.

Through our work together, you’ll become aware of and consciously engage with your personal mythology.

This will give you more self-awareness, adaptability, and choice in how you live your life.

It’s all about getting in touch with your inner guide.

Once you’ve connected to it and learned how to stay connected to it, you’ll rise above the old patterns and habits that keep holding you back.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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