Somatic Therapy

1131155369You’ve been feeling something.

You’re sure of it… but you can’t quite articulate what.

Life decisions seem like a lot of pressure. Should you take that job or stay where you are? Should you stay in or leave your relationship?

You just aren’t sure how to make the right choices.

How might past experiences and traumas affect your perspective?

On the world?

Of yourself in the world?

Of yourself in your BODY??

2151988419Within your body lies awareness and resources.

What you need to cope with difficult feelings or situations is already inside you.

Together, we will use your bodily awareness to clarify your personal truth and life decisions.

This can foster feelings of safety and being at home in yourself–as well as clarity on your perspectives, decision-making, and purpose.

Connecting to your mind and body…

We can map your emotions through mindfulness and bodily awareness so you feel more self-aware and in control.

We’ll take a bottom-up approach in which we become mindful of the emotions and sensations as they live in the body.

It’s a deeply transformative endeavor that leaves you grounded in the here and now, present and receptive to all life has to offer.

It’s time to come home to yourself!

Please, reach out…

I’m here to guide and support you through every step of your journey.

Call today, and we can talk more about how I can help during your free consultation: (510) 995-6358.